Free Book of Ra is by far the most successful and advanced casino game in the Novomatic range. This is due to the game having a wonderful theme that is incredibly exciting. The game is all about an explorer who stumbles across some clues that lead him all the way to Egypt where he must begin his journey. The aim of free Book of Ra is to discover the meaning of the mystical book and find all the treasure. The adventure starts in ancient Egypt where the player must move past scarabs through dark corners of pyramids and search in sarcophaguses to try and unlock more clues to get closer to the treasure. The graphics used in free Book of Ra are of the highest possible standard and completely immerse the player in a wonderful world and make them feel part of this very special adventure. The sound effects used in free Book of Ra are also of the highest possible quality and really recreate the Egyptian feel that the game is trying to present. This combination of excellent graphics and sound really mean that this difficult and clever theme is pulled off to the best level.

The game free Book of Ra from free Novomatic slots is a presented on the classic five reel and ten win line format which players will love as they have lots of options when choosing their stake. The bonus feature in free Book of Ra is of a really high standard, it is the popular scatter feature this works by the player making three of more books of Ra appear on the screen at any one time. These books will then start the ten free spins and this is where a player can really win some good amounts of money. If during these spins more books appear it further multiplies the player’s winnings. The next feature in free Book of Ra is the substitute feature this is where if the player spins in the book symbol on a reel it will substitute into any other symbol on the board. The last feature to watch out for in free Book of Ra is the gamble feature this is where a player can choose either a red or back card from a deck of cards and this will result in a player either doubling or losing their winnings. This gamble feature is only for the brave as it is a complete fifty / fifty chance bet.

If a player decides to play free Book of Ra they are in for a wonderful treat as this is quite simply one of the best casino slot games of all time. It achieves this level of greatness through the excellent theme which is exciting and will appeal to the adventurer in all users. The graphics that are used in free Book of Ra are simply breathtaking and players will love how the game takes them on a journey. The sound effects are also of a fantastic level and complete the excellent physical appearance of the slot for players.

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