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The range of free Novomatic games includes a large number of different titles that are all designed around different concepts and themes. These themes are designed at appealing to different groups of customers and different types of people therefore making sure that as many different types of potential customers have games that they can enjoy. The difference between different free Novomatic games is very large and this is done on purpose so that as wider range of potential customers is targeted through this tactic. The first of the free Novomatic slot games to review is the game Mermaids Pearl this game is based at the bottom of the sea which is a location players can only imagine. The player is taken to this beautiful and unique location where they have the chance to swim with the Mermaids and try to enlist the Mermaids help in finding the sunken treasure. A player during this adventure will come across sea crabs, seahorses, turtles and all different types of fish and it is up to the player to get these creatures to turn into cash. This is one of the excellent free Novomatic games where users will love the chance to begin an adventure in a new and special place like the ocean floor.

The next one of the free Novomatic games to look at is Columbus this is an adventure game that takes players back 500 years in time to the days of Christopher Columbus. Columbus was one of the greatest explorers of all time and was the explorer who managed to discover the ‘New World’ now known as America. The adventure theme here is merged with a historic theme and players will love the opportunity to place themselves in the footsteps of the world’s greatest explorer in this excellent free Novomatic game. The background of this slot which is one of the best free Novomatic games is an old sailing ships deck with an old map and compass laid out on it. The graphics in this slot game are of the highest possible standard where players can really start believing they have gone back 500 years in time and are on the verge of discovering America. The game play is of the highest possible standard and the game operates on a five reel and ten win line system giving the user a moderate amount of options when selecting their stake. The bonuses in this great example of a free Novomatic game are again of a very high standard and include a scatter feature and a substituting feature.

One of the target groups of customers that free Novomatic games try to appeal to are women. The best and most popular game that is targeted specifically to women is Lucky Ladys Charms which is a leading title in the free Novomatic games range. This casino game takes users on a magical and bewitching journey to a mystical world where they will get the opportunity to lose themselves in an amazing adventure. The main aim in the game is for the player to find their way round the magical world finding as many of the various lucky objects that will lead the player to winning prizes. These objects include a lucky penny, a horseshoe, a magic ball, four leaf clover and of course the lucky charm. All of these different objects lead a player to winning different amounts of cash and are fun symbols for the players to aim towards when they are playing this free Novomatic game. The graphics in this casino slot are of an excellent standard they manage to create a spellbinding effect on users that really lets them believe they are in a magical world. These above factors mean that the game manages to target a specific customer segment very well and is one of the classic free Novomatic games.

The next title in the free Novomatic games range to review is the great action and adventure title Katana. This game is set in ancient Japan this is a wonderful location and time in history to have any sort of adventure. Ancient Japan has for years been a place publicized for its mystic and magical qualities and players will love journeying back here as the place simply lets the imagination run riot. The game starts when the user is transported to an open Japanese plain where the player due to the quality of the graphics really feels like they are there many hundreds of years ago in this special place. Free Novomatic games really raise the bar with this excellent title and the aim for the player during Katana is to find the hidden treasure. A player can expect to see while on this adventure Ninjas with Samurai swords and will have to negotiate dangerous swamps and find their way through old Japanese villages. Free Novomatic games offer fantastic game play in all of their titles and Katana is no different as the game has excellent and exciting bonus features that will keep players hooked. Katana is definitely one of most exciting and fun filled free Novomatic games.

Another title in the free Novomatic games range that is produced to appeal to different sections of the market is the game Caribbean Holiday. This game is a themed slot based on a dream holiday and this holiday is an amazing trip to the Caribbean. Players around the world will all love the thought of going on a luxury holiday and this clever title in the free Novomatic games range manages to take players on this fantasy of a dream holiday. While playing out this fantasy it also gives them the chance to win enough money to actually have such a holiday. Free Novomatic games always feature excellent game play and Caribbean Holiday is no different as players will have the opportunity to try to win some excellent bonus features. These bonus features include a scatter bonus where if a player manages to land three or more airplanes on the screen they win a massive amount of bonus spins which will really increase their winnings. The next important bonus feature in this free Novomatic games is the wild multiplier feature this is where a player can have a symbol substituted and then doubled to achieve both a higher chance of winning and a larger winning amount.