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Free Novomatic machines have for a long time been very famous in land based casinos and these machines would be the first thing a casino visitor would expect to see when they walk into a casino. The casinos that these machines have a presence in are spread all over the world and this has lead to a massive worldwide fan base. Free Novomatic machines decided to go online when the demand from the fans was so huge that the range of land based games was given to top computer designers and they transferred the land based games into online ones. The offering of casino games online meant that players from all over the world could access the games from home and this meant a new generation of casino slot game players could be targeted. Players that previously would have never dreamt to walk into a casino now have access to the free Novomatic machines from home and this has proved to be a fantastic success. The contrast and range of the different types of individuals that play free Novomatic slot machines from the comfort of their own homes is amazing. The large range of games literally appeal to all different cross sections of society and have proved a huge hit with all of these various people.

The computer game designers when they put the range of free Novomatic machines online had to make sure that they layout of all of the games was as user friendly as possible. This was important so that the games would appeal to as many different types of people as possible and all different users would find the games easy to use. The layout of all of the different titles in the free Novomatic machines range all follow a similar template so that players can get used to a style and then when they try new games they will already know and feel familiar with the layout. The layout of the typical free Novomatic machines has the players credits in the bottom left of the screen and then next to this there are the win line and stake selection buttons. The bottom right of the screen features the paytable, gamble, autoplay and play buttons. When a user hits the paytable button in a free Novomatic machine they are shown a screen with all of the different winning combinations available in the game and how much all of these amounts pay. The autoplay button starts the reels spinning automatically and a player has to hit this button again to deselect the option.

The middle section of the display of free Novomatic machines is taken up with the reels and the win lines, these reels have all the various symbols displayed in them. This middle part of the free Novomatic machines is essentially the most important part of the whole display and the bright colours and action will attract the player’s attention. The top section of all free Novomatic machines is taken up with the title of the slot game this title will be written in a font that is styled to that particular slot theme. The ‘Help’ and the ‘Exit’ buttons are also found on the top part of the screen when a user hits the help button a new screen appears. This new pop up screen will contain detailed instructions of how to play each of the different slots. The sound options and screen size options can also be found on the top right of the screen. This layout is kept the same throughout all of the different free Novomatic machines and this is something users will really appreciate as they will have the chance to play new games on a familiar format.

The different free Novomatic machines all employ different levels of graphic quality this is something that is done purposely so that some games are similar to look at and some games are more detailed. The reason for this is that some players prefer much simpler games and some prefer the more detailed and elaborate titles. An example of a more detailed and fancy game in the range of free Novomatic machines is the title Lord of the Ocean. The graphics used in this game are excellent and they allow users a fantastic visual experience, the background of the slot is a moving 3D image where there are bubbles floating up to the surface and there is seaweed moving with the current. This moving background imagery looks superb and the symbols in this game then add to the excellent and stylish visual effects. The symbols used in Lord of the Ocean are all moving 3D figures that do an individual move when they land on the win line which looks fantastic. The graphics used in Lord of the Ocean are possibly the best out of all of the free Novomatic machines another title that offers excellent graphics that are perhaps as good as this title is ‘Book of Ra’.

The sound effects used across the range of free Novomatic machines also differ greatly from game to game. This is again due to player’s preferences generally players who prefer games with simpler graphics will prefer games with simpler sound effects. The free Novomatic machines with more intricate and advanced graphics will also have sound effects that are more advanced and include more different sound tones. As example of a game with excellent sound effects is the title ‘Book of Ra’ this title is themed on ancient Egypt and the sound effects manage to recreate this complex theme. This is an excellent achievement for free Novomatic machines as recreating such a complex theme with electronic sounds is very difficult. The background sounds in the game remind a player of Egyptian dancers and then when a different win line is spun in by the player a different unique sound is played. Free Novomatic machines often have different sound effects for each different win line which is an excellent feature that players will love. It is very exciting for players when a new win line lands on the reels and a different sound effect is played this really adds to a player’s enjoyment of the slot.