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The amount of choice that players face when they decide to play an online slot game is massive and users decide which game to play after considering numerous factors. These factors include which casino game has the best theme, the best graphics, the best sound effects, and the best playability. Players around the world were asked what their favorite brand of casino slot games is and the majority all choose free Novomatic Online. The main reason behind users worldwide choosing to play free Novomatic Online games boil down to the excellent production team that are employed to produce these games. The graphics used in this large range of casino slot games are all excellent and a large contributing factor the success of the free Novomatic Online brand. The sound effects used in the games are all produced by a specialist team of employees who spend huge amounts of time working on creating perfect sounds to add value to the player’s experience. The creative design team at free Novomatic Online is of the highest possible standard as they manage to create and come up with some wonderfully imaginative ideas for the different slot games.

Several of the titles in the free Novomatic Online range are targeted at specific segments of the market, one of these segments are the players who like to play action and adventure slot games. These types of games are usually targeted at players who love to be taken on an adventure to a place far away. These players are generally motivated by excitement and a feeling of danger so the designers at free Novomatic Online slots have come up with a range of exciting games that this market segment will love. An example of a game that ticks all boxes of an action and adventure game is ‘Quest for Gold’ this is a classic action and adventure title. This game takes a user and places him as an explorer in a jungle in the deepest darkest parts of South America where they will immediately feel the excitement, danger and tension. The level of these feelings for a player are caused by the graphics and sounds being so intense and accurate that this free Novomatic Online game manages to create that level of feeling. The player then continues there adventure with the ultimate aim of finding the hidden treasure and becoming rich. This free Novomatic Online game creates this excellent level of excitement that is needed for an action and adventure game.

The action and adventure theme has shown from research to be the most popular type of game to play this is because of the amount of users that are looking for the excitement that goes with these games. This visual excitement is nothing without great game play and this is something that free Novomatic Online games make sure they offer. The free Novomatic Online game ‘Quest for Gold’ is one of the classic adventure game offerings that players will find that the game play is a match for the rest of the excellent visual effects. The game play that this particular game features is a more complex and therefore more exciting five reel and twenty win line set up which gives users maximum options when selecting their stake. The bonus features that are used in this free Novomatic Online game include the famous and very exciting scatter symbol this is where if a player manages to spin in three or more treasure maps they activate the bonus. This sort of bonus creates real excitement for the players as they win 15 bonus spins which can be hugely profitable to the budding explorer. This combination of great game play and bonus features mean this free Novomatic Online slot game is very exciting for players and they will really enjoy the chance to play this slot game.

The scatter feature talked about above is one of the most popular bonus features used in the free Novomatic Online range of slot games. Another bonus feature that is commonly found in the free Novomatic Online casino slot game range that is also really known to raise player’s pulses is the substituting feature. This feature allows players to swap the substituting symbol with any other symbol on the board and this will result in players winning chances being dramatically increased. Another popular bonus feature in some free Novomatic Online titles is the wild multiplier bonus this is where a nominated symbol in the game is used in the same way as a substitute symbol would be. In this bonus feature this substitute symbol also acts as a winning multiplier for the win line that it lands on resulting in a large winning increase for the player. The classic and most common bonus feature that can be found whilst playing free Novomatic Online is the gamble feature. This is a feature that is randomly triggered and is available when the button at the bottom of the screen is highlighted. When players hit this button they are transferred to a new screen where they will get the chance to double or lose their winnings on a fifty / fifty bet.

The playing experience that free Novomatic Online games offers players is unrivalled across all different platforms of online casino gaming. The games produced by this company are the best for many varying reasons the first reason is the creativity that is used when designing the different themes for the slots. The themes are thought up and made by a whole design team and they really have managed to come up with a variety of great ideas for the free Novomatic Online games. The second contributing attribute to these excellent games are the graphics they are of the highest possible standard and manage to totally absorb a player into a fantasy world. The third element that makes free Novomatic Online games such a success is the fantastic sound effects that the games are produced with and each and every different game has different sound effects to match that theme. The high standard of game play in all the games in the free Novomatic Online range is incredibly important to the success of the brand. All the different games run of different reel formats and offer completely different and exciting bonus opportunities that players will love.