Play Free Novomatic Slots

Play free Novomatic slots are a range of online games that guarantee users the very best entertainment available from the comfort of their own home. This quality entertainment is achieved through great graphics, wonderful sound effects and amazing game play. These three key ingredients are all vital in ensuring a great playing experience but all of these three factors are secondary in importance behind the theme of the slot. The theme of the slot is the most important factor when making a play free Novomatic slots game as this must be perfect to ensure the game is entertaining. The range of different play free Novomatic slots includes a vast variety of themes for the slot games that have taken designers a huge amount of time to come up. This time spent thinking of new ideas for the play free Novomatic slots range has been very well spent. The designers when asked where they get the different ideas from have said that the inspiration for the various games has come from lots of different sources. These sources include different periods in history and various locations around the world including many fantasy and invented locations.

A period in history that is featured and can be enjoyed by a player in play free Novomatic slots is the ancient Egyptian era. This period in history is a very exciting one that has been heavily featured in modern day action movies and in other modern day popular culture. This heavy exposure to the public results in a very high interest in this era and therefore makes a casino game based on this time period very attractive. The players when they start to play free Novomatic slots begin their adventure in the sand dunes of Egypt which the graphics recreate really well and their aim in the game is to find the emperors gold. This quest for the gold in play free Novomatic slots will take a player on an exciting adventure through pyramids and to a big gold temple where the emperor is guarded by scarabs and men in horrible masks. These detailed places and objects are all very accurately recreated in this play free Novomatic slots game through excellent graphics and the symbols come to life in front of the player. The sound effects in use in the game also make a player think of ancient Egypt as the game really accurately plays Egyptian themed sounds.

A location that is picked to be featured in the play free Novomatic slots range is a Jeweler’s shop. This location is featured in the game ‘Just Jewels Deluxe’ as players will get the opportunity to tour around a beautiful jewelers shop. A jewelers shop is a place that many people see as being a luxurious and wonderful place to be. The game play used in this play free Novomatic slot is simpler than some other games in the range which makes it a nice option for players looking for an easy game. The game is played on a five reel and ten win line format making it easier to use than the twenty win line format. The aim of this play free Novomatic slots game is to line up the same adjacent symbols from the left to the right across the reel. The symbols in this game that need to be lined up are all different types of beautiful jewels. The game is without lots of different bonus options which make it much easier for users to play the only bonus feature used in the game is the substituting feature. The substituting feature is a popular bonus in all play free Novomatic slots and the symbol that embodies it in this game is the ‘Euro’ symbol.

The next location that is featured in the play free Novomatic slots range is a flower bed in an average persons back garden. The game that features such a simple but fun location is the title Bugs and Bees and players will love the chance be able to go deep into a flowerbed and see what surprises lie waiting. The interesting thing about this play free Novomatic slots game is that the whole game is produced in cartoon animation and all the different visual details of the game are animated drawings. The style of the animated drawings is cute and cuddly fun and players will love the chance to immerse themselves in this alternative animated reality. The play free Novomatic slots game features lots of different symbols on the reels and these symbols are all various bugs and bees that can be found in a flowerbed. The different bugs and bees all arrive on the reels with totally different dances that are performed in 3D for the player’s enjoyment. These dances are all very funny and cute and players of this play free Novomatic slots game will love the attention to detail that the game designers have gone into when producing this game.

In addition to games based on real locations and real times in history players will also have the opportunity through the play free Novomatic slots game range to take part on fantasy adventures. These adventures are set in invented locations and non existing times in history an example of one of these fantasy adventures is the game Magic Princess. Magic Princess takes players to a fantasy world where a player’s imagination can run wild, players can really imagine themselves as an explorer trying to find the magic princess and finding the spell that will unlock the treasure. This fun theme and aim is very popular with play free Novomatic slots fans as they can really let themselves go and allow themselves to enjoy an imaginary world. The game play that compliments this wonderful theme is also of a very high standard and when playing free Novomatic slots fans will enjoy the scatter bonus feature the most. This is because this feature if won can unlock 15 win spins which will pay at a three time multiplier on the stake placed. This is an excellent bonus feature in play free Novomatic slots and players will love the chance to be able to unlock this bonus and win such profitable bonus spins.