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Free Novomatic slots are the most well recognized casino slot machines in the world. They are instantly recognized due to the fact that they are in the majority of land based casinos all over the world.

The strength of the brand name has been build up through many years of being used in land based casinos. Free Novomatic slots are known through their presence in land based casinos as being a quality machine and providing users with high end casino games.

The games that have been made have all been excellently well themed and all the games different themes have been created with lots of imagination. The themes include an underwater adventure, adventures through outer space, and trips back in history, more adventures in jungles and some fun cartoony options.

These themes all offer the players a great way to escape into a fantasy world where they can combine the fun feel of an adventure with the chance to win cash.

The best thing about free Novomatic slots games are that they manage through fantastic graphics and sound effects to accurately recreate the theme that they are trying to produce incredibly well. The accuracy of these themes is shown in user’s high levels of enjoyment.

A game that really stands out for having one of these excellent themes that the graphics recreate really well is the game ‘Book of Ra’.

The casino slot game ‘Book of Ra’ is a themed game that has been designed beautifully well it gives players the chance to embark on a very exciting adventure.

The game is based on a modern day explorer who is given clues on an ancient book that holds the key to finding large amounts of treasure.

The explorer starts his adventure in Egypt and soon becomes involved in lots of clues that lead him into pyramids and deep into a mystery surrounding ancient Egypt. This is a very exciting adventure game and the graphics beautifully recreate the theme into something that a player can really enjoy visually.

Novomatic sound effects

The sound effects used in this free Novomatic slots are also of the highest level and play a high tempo musical sound. This high tempo sound raises excitement levels and the sound is also in keeping with the Egyptian theme which players will love as it makes them feel even more a part of this themed adventure.

One of the main reasons behind the phenomenal success of the Novomatic slots is the imaginative themes that the games are designed around. An exciting theme is not enough on its own to hook players and the casino games also have to offer excellent game play and winning potential.

This is something that Novomatic slots offer in abundance and players will love the opportunity to play for the large prizes that are available to be won. The different games across the range of Novomatic slots all offer different playing formats that will please players as they will be given the option of which style of game they wish to play on.

The simplest slot is offered on a 3 reel and one win line format and the most complex has twenty win lines and 5 reels. There are many different slot offerings with different combinations of reels and win lines and players will be able to select something that suits them.

The different options will please beginners who are new to casino games as they will enjoy the chance to play on simpler games. The more experienced slot game players will love the more complex games where they will have more options to keep them entertained.

Novomatic slots bonus features

Each and every slot has a different set up for bonus options and features this is something players will love as all of the different options should really keep users entertained. A bonus feature that is seen in several of the different Novomatic slots is the scatter feature.

Scatter bonus

This bonus works where a special symbol in a game is known as the scatter symbol and this symbol has to be spun in to shown on a screen three or more times. This then activates the free win spins bonus where a user is awarded a certain amount of bonus spins which pay out a varying multiplying amount.

This scatter bonus is a classic bonus feature and is something players should really aim for as it results in some great prizes.

Substitute bonus

The next popular bonus feature commonly seen in different free Novomatic slots titles is the substituting bonus, this is where a specific symbol is spun in on the reels and it can substitute for any other symbol on the board.

These bonuses can really increase a player’s chances of achieving a line of adjacent symbols across the reel therefore helping them win more money.

Gamble bonus

A bonus feature that is seen in almost all of the Novomatic titles is the ‘gamble’ feature this feature can be accessed at the bottom of the screen by the player pressing the ‘gamble’ button when it is highlighted.

Once this button has been pressed the user is sent into a new screen where they are given the chance to make a fifty / fifty bet. In most of the different free Novomatic slots this bet is represented by a deck of cards and the choice of the next card being either black or red.

The user must make this risky chance bet with the opportunity to either double or lose all their winnings. This gamble can then be repeated time and time again so if a player is really lucky they can aggressively raise their prize fund.

Almost all free Novomatic slots feature this bonus and players will really like the chance to raise their winnings through this. This different variety of bonus features that are available really give users a great incentive whist playing the game and players will love the excitement levels that these bonuses create.